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The who and why of Guiseppe Ottoli Zabelo

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In the project – The who and why of Guiseppe Ottoli Zabelo – I will try to map my Italian family history by useing the essence of immigration as an overall view and perspective. My Sicilian great-grandfather, Guiseppe Ottoli Zabelo (1889-1948), was born in Messina and emigrated from Italy in 1905. He travled through Europe and his final destination became Denmark in 1912, when he met my Danish great-grandmother. He never told my Danish family about his Italian origin. Who his Italien family was and why he left Italy – and never went back – is still standing uncertain. One thing is certain, he was not alone in leaving his country and family behind. From 1880 to 1915, 13 million Italians immigrated from Italy – many of whom came from the southern Italy and Sicily. Perhaps it was a lack of future opportunities that pushed my great-grandfather on the roll through Europe?

The art project is a research-based studie mixed with fiction. In the field between facts and fiction among the past and the present I will work on a personal story based on a broader study of immigration as a phenomenon.