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Vi drog ud – fortællinger baseret på faktiske elementer

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We Set Out – Tale Based on Factual Elements (2018)

A box found at a garage sale in Søby, with vintage portraits of inhabitants of Ærø from the late 19th century – a period when Denmark was considered a country of emigration. In the years 1850-1920, well over 300,000 Danes emigrated by ship across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States. About 2,000 of them came from Ærø. Some sought a freedom they did not have at home – others fled because they were in trouble. All of them left their family, home and mother country – as regards some, forever. Today, Denmark is receiving immigrants – but not long ago it was the other way around.

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biennale sommer skulptur søby 2018

det danske udvandrerarkiv



Biennale SommerSkulpturSøby2018 –
Kunsthøjskolen på Ærø
Det Danske Udvandrerarkiv